Cover Photo by Vicki Whicker

Woodland Arts Editions has published Caught Before Flight, a book of poetry and prose by Vicki Whicker.

Author Photo by Vicki Whicker

With Caught Before Flight, Vicki Whicker fashions a lyric memoir that takes us on a trip from a stark 60’s childhood to her technicolor adulthood.

These poems spring from a strong feminine gaze: edgy, sensual, lyrical and vivid.

Poet Jack Grapes writes, “Read these poems as you would inhale oxygen, both before and after you’ve lost your breath reading these feathery poems, each one as profound as a mountain.”

Memoirist Josh Kilmer-Purcell writes, “Caught Before Flight is overflowing with exquisitely succulent imagery of Whicker’s personal relationships…creating residual longing that lingers beyond the final page…Rich, mature, and impressively lyrical, these poems demand to be savored.”

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