Margo gets published! Modern Love

Margo gets published! Modern Love

Margo is my neighbor and my muse. We live in the middle of nowhere so it is nice to have a neighbor and a muse all rolled into one. I started photographing her as soon as she moved up here, she is breathtakingly beautiful. What I didn’t know is that she can write like a house on fire. And she has stories to tell. Oh, the stories she has to tell. One day she handed me a manuscript and I read one line. The first line. And I knew right away, this girl can write. Each week we sit down and write together for an hour. We do this three times a week. Each time I am blown away by her brain. Amazing. Never sat across from a writer like Margo. Wow. I always count my blessings out here, there are so many things I appreciate and Margo is at the top of the list. The Modern Love essay that was posted in the paper today is just the tip of the iceberg. Can’t wait for the book!

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  1. Hello Vicki,
    Your photos are amazing. I googled your friend Margo after I read her New York Times essay and that’s how I found your blog. After I read that essay, I said to myself “THAT is what a personal essay should be” – gritty, gutty and beautiful. Your friend has a singular voice, and your writing and art are also stirring. Nothing boilerplate about you guys. I wish I could be up there, writing with you two.
    My best,
    (P.S. this is from me but I used my husband’s facebook account).

    Kathy Cornell


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