Bright Light by Greg Dember, Vicki Whicker’s Dunga Brook Diary, iPhoneography

Bright Light by Greg Dember, Vicki Whicker's Dunga Brook Diary, iPhoneographyJOY

BANK Gallery presents Vicki Whicker’s iPhoneography
Dunga Brook Diary: On The Road
BANK Gallery
@Decades Showroom
204 Main, Ste. B
Sharon Springs, NY
May 31st@6pm-9pm.
“This is my Love Letter to Central New York.”
Launching the Sharon Springs Garden Party festivities weekend, BANK Gallery@Decades Showroom is the location for the Friday night opening of iPhoneographer Vicki Whicker’s exhibit, Dunga Brook Diary: On The Road.
Dunga Brook Diary: On The Road features evocative 8x 8″ limited edition photo images of Central New York infused directly to metal and float mounted. Each image sold at the opening will be signed and numbered and will be on exhibit at BANK Gallery for the month of June.
“Coming from LA, this is another paradise- the lush trees, the long country roads lined with Queen Anne’s Lace big as pie plates, the crimson and gold fall leaves, those first pristine snow flakes of winter.”
Dunga Brook Diary: On The Road is opening, Friday, May 31, from 6-9pm at BANK Gallery@Decades Showroom, 204 Main, Ste. B., Sharon Springs, New York.
Praise for Vicki Whicker’s Images

“Looking doesn’t have to get any better than this, Vicki Whicker demonstrates a mastery of this genre through wit, heart, critical awareness, style, technique, and an infectious appreciation of her subject matter.” Kristen Henderson, the Director of Cherry Branch Gallery, Cherry Valley, NY

“Vicki Whicker has an eye and a heart that go together to create images which are both profoundly moving and beautiful. She has an especially fine and original take on micro images, showing us in close up magnification the glory of nature around her, things we would never see on our own” Ronee Blakley, Actress/Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA
“Such an eye! We are blessed that Ms. Vicki Whicker is able to capture and reveal the glory of natural reality with such exquisite precision, taste and charm. If her photography was music, it would sound like Beethoven, Sinatra and the Beatles combined…”
Miss Pamela Des Barres, Author, Founder, Groupie Couture, Venice Beach, California
“Coming from nearly 20 years as a professional graphic designer and now a full time, fine arts painter, I have always appreciated the style and care in which Vicki has portrayed in her photo works. Her images transcend the usual “pretty picture” snapshot… capturing another level of thought passion and narrative. They are scenes that I can get lost in and the more I look, the more they tell me. Truly works of art and passion.”
Steve Curry, Fine Artist, Ojai, CA


1a1littlejester                                                       LITTLE JESTER

1a4theconversation                                                       VIOLET DROP

1a10bloomingroad                                                       BLOOMING ROAD

1a14redcowdelight                                                       RED COW

1a15fallcorn                                                       EARLY FALL CORN

1a19mudseason                                                       MUD SEASON

1a20midsummermorn                                                       SUMMER MORNING

1a21cornsnow                                                       SNOW CORN

1a26thetree2                                                       I LOVE MY TREE

1a28theotsegosign                                                       OTSEGO MOTEL

1waiting                                                       WAITING

4cherryvalley2                                                       CHERRY VALLEY

4trucking                                                       TRUCKING

thoseflowers                                                       THOSE FLOWERS

slowdance                                                       THE DANCE

redbarn                                                       RED BARN

5graining                                                       GRAINING

6Jalopy                                                       LIAM’S JALOPY

fairydustlane                                                       COUNTY HIGHWAY 19

11thelake                                                       THE LAKE

9fallcurve                                                      FALL S CURVE

Dandelionwine                                                       DANDELION WINE

11springtimelandscape                                                       SUMMER LANSCAPE

11yourdailybucolic                                                       YOUR DAILY BUCOLIC

12clover                                                       RED CLOVER

12daisy                                                       TINY DAISY

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