Laundry Day and a Sudsing of Ansel Adams

Laundry Day and a Sudsing of Ansel Adams

“Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have somone click the shutter.”
― Ansel Adams

Dunga Brook Diary: A Year Of Seeing Differently

Laundry Day, in the 8 x 8′ series, is sold out.

Laundry Day is one of those photos that happened completely serendipitously. Tyler and I were driving away from Butternuts Brewery in Garratsville, NY with our Porkslap growlers between our knees when I said,

“Turn left!”

“Into what?”

“Into the cemetery.”

The sun was completing its daily arc through the late summer sky and everything was glowing. We walked silently on our own photo safaris in the ancient cemetery full of blackened stone markers when I saw a gorgeous bough of flowers…a few snaps into it and I noticed a woman taking down her laundry.

Laundry Day came out even better than I could have imagined. Tyler and I got back into the car with our growlers and sang the whole way back to Dunga Brook.

Click here to see the entire exhibit:

Call Kristen at 607-264-9530 to make a purchase through the Cherry Branch Gallery.

The show will hang until May 2, check it out if you are in central NY, Cherry Branch Gallery, 25 Main St., Cherry Valley, NY.

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  1. Hi there! Your work is captivating – really draws me in. Thanks to Susie for telling me to take a peak. Good luck with your show!


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