On the Eve of My Exhibit…Delicious Words From Rachel Resnick, Writer On Fire!

On the Eve of My Exhibit...Delicious Words From Rachel Resnick, Writer On Fire!

ART IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND. That’s what the Fabulous Beekman 1802 Boys say. My friend Vicki Whicker is more than a trendsetter. She’s a movement. She’s more than an artist. She’s a visionary. She’s a mother, she’s a phoneographer, and she will change the way you see your everyday. If you’re not careful, you just might find yourself packing up your car and heading East too. That’s the power of Vicki and her vision.

If it’s not poetry, it’s designing shoes. If it’s not renovating a dilapidated barn into a chic farmhouse, it’s learning to use her iPhone to document her journey from urban rat race to rural rebirth. Her yearlong odyssey, catalyzed by a wrenching Empty Nest, captured the hearts and minds of people across social media platforms. Read the pages of swoony testimonials. Then, ask how many people literally moved across the country to take up residence in this very area. Vicki is a pioneer.

Let us celebrate! The modest Vicki has truly brightened each day of mine this past year. Each photograph reminds me to appreciate the moment, the loving detail, the mystery of nature and indeed, of our own holy breath. Her images are meditations. They are jubilations. They awaken in me what is most human.

If she calls to you too, check out her images. Her blog. Her show. And spread the word.

Vicki, I love you. I am there in spirit tomorrow. And I am deeply grateful for you (though I’m still bummed you’re no longer my neighbor!)

Love, love and more love.

Rachel is one of the bravest women I know, she is a fearless writer, a brilliant teacher and, as you can see from her note to me, a great supporter of fellow artists.



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