Love Letter To Central NY And Photographer’s Props

Show Announcement And Props From My Photog Friends

I am nervous as hell but, as they say, the iPhoneography show must go on!

If you are in the area, please come to the Cherry Branch Gallery this Saturday for my LOVE LETTER to central New York…5-7 pm opening reception (with booze and music, too)

Cherry Branch Gallery presents Vicki Whicker’s iPhoneography- Dunga Brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently

Saturday, April 6th, 2013….Cherry Valley, NY- Cherry Branch Gallery will be hosting an opening reception for central New York artist, Vicki Whicker. For the month of April, the gallery will feature a collection of her iPhoneography, Dunga Brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently.

“The Cherry Branch Gallery is tremendously pleased to represent Vicki Whicker and her iPhoneography. Whicker demonstrates a mastery of this genre through wit, heart, critical awareness, style, technique, and an infectious appreciation of her subject matter. Looking doesn’t have to get any better than this.” Kristen Henderson, Director, Cherry Branch Gallery

In 2011, Vicki Whicker left Los Angeles for central New York to renovate an 1820’s farmhouse that she found on Facebook and purchased, sight unseen. The rundown property, she would later learn, was named “Dunga Brook,” a once a thriving dairy farm spanning over 2,000 acres in Otsego county.

While waiting for renovations, Whicker explored the area using her iPhone to capture the world above and below her feet. It was this impromptu exercise that marked her personal awakening to the astounding beauty of New York State; beauty that has surely been here since Dunga Brook’s heydey.

Of the contemporary medium and her process, Whicker states, “iPhoneography as a mobile method for making art and as a creative movement was exploding around the world while I was stalking the flora and fauna of my new home.

Coming from LA, I was in a paradise- the lush trees, the long country roads lined with Queen Anne’s Lace big as pie plates, the crimson and gold fall leaves, those first pristine snow flakes. The more I shot, the more I saw; the more I saw, the more I wanted to see…by the time my house was done 6 months had passed and I had produced over 20,000 images.

Through the lens of my iPhone I fell completely in love with central New York.”

Dunga Brook Diary: A Year of Seeing Differently, is Whicker’s first iPhoneography exhibit and features her evocative 8″x8″ limited edition images printed directly on metal.

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, April 6, from 5-7pm.

Cherry Branch Gallery, 25 Main Street, Cherry Valley, NY 13320 / 607-264-9530 Facebook: Cherry Branch Gallery / Twitter: @cherrybranchgal
Schedule of Events

APRIL 6th, Saturday, 5-7pm: OPENING RECEPTION Live Jazz with Jeff Palmer,
5-7pm (pre-sales 12-4pm)
APRIL 14th, Sunday, 3-5pm: Seeing Differently: Intro to iPhoneography Workshop w/Vicki Whicker. $45. Fee / Limited to 20 spaces
APRIL 20th Saturday, 5-7pm: Wine & Sweets, Poetry Reading with Los Angeles Poets and Writers Collective members, Vicki Whicker, Leslie Berliant and Chris Shearer
APRIL 27th, Saturday, 5-7pm: Closing Party – SALES CLOSE @ 7pm

“Armed with just her iPhone , a keen eye and a voracious appetite for making pictures Vicki Whicker roams these hills and valleys of Central New York. Everywhere is everything. Her photographs sing of color and light – dogs and flowers, land and sky. Peeling away each season of a year that collectively they represent. A journey unto itself – from nowhere to now here.”
Mark Reinertson, Professional/Fine Art Photographer, NY, NY

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Vicki Wicker for almost 20 years now, having first met her in Jack Grape’s writing class in Los Angeles. I was immediately struck by her honesty and vulnerability. She made me laugh, she made me cry, but mostly she made me feel. These were heady times, thick with words wrung from within. Vicki and I both came from the Midwest, originally, and Los Angeles was both a welcoming place and a hard place to warm up to. Through a sheer force of will, she flourished. But life’s circumstances has led Vicki on a new journey of discovery, ever a poet, she has taken up iPhoneography with the same zeal and power as her words.”                                                                                  Ellen Jantzen, Photographer/Digital Artist, St. Louis, MO

“Looking at Vicki Whicker’s work is like taking a vacation…whether it is a photograph of her dogs frolicking in the snow or a thistle at sunrise you are transported to a quieter time and place~ you are transported to Dunga Brook, I simply adore her work and can’t wait to visit!”
                                                       Susie McKeown, iPhoneographer, Portrait Photographer, Verona, NJ

“Clearly Vicki Whicker has a sophisticated eye and abundant design knowledge. But what I think is truly wonderful about her work isn’t her expertise; that is the underpinning. What is captivating about her work is its vivid, uncomplicated expression of joy and emotion laid bare. I think that’s why these photos resonate with people. With her Dunga Brook Photo Diary, Vicki captures the familiar that we all cherish–home, family, nature, community– and distills it. It’s gratitude in picture form. A celebration of what matters.”
Colleen Williams, Photographer, Montreux, Switzerland

Upon first glance it is apparent that Vicki Whicker’s talents are not confined to the page or brush (Whicker is also an accomplished poet & painter). Her images provoke an immediate emotionality. What strikes one, are the details she pulls into focus, the ephemeral beauty of nature captured, whether awash in texture or throbbing with color or sharp-edged and bare. Whicker compresses moments into jewels and holds them up to the light for us to reflect upon —in her images reality mates with imagination revealing layers unseen to the casual observer. The spectator is left aching with the recognition of just how fleeting and magnificent our journey is.”                                                                     Ariana Trinneer, Poet, iPhoneographer, Artis Rep

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    Love Letter is remarkable! (her life living to the fullest)


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