Butterfly Heap and Fierce Words via Joe Loya

Butterfly Heap and Fierce Words via Joe Loya

So many wonderful friends and artists have given me words on my iPhone images…I am humbled and awed by each and every one of them and I will post them all.

Today, Joe Loya because I am a little melancholy (where is Connor Whicker-Walsh on this long holiday weekend?) and because Joe’s line “fierce as fuck” got me…it made me smile and go, ah HA! And now, I feel a-little more-connected-to-the-Universe.

Here it is in full…

“I am overcome with words, too many I think, but here is what hits me when I stare at your photographs.

First, I notice that I have never known an artist who adopted their eye from one medium to another so seamlessly. Photos like The Canoe and Butterfly Heap look like people you could have painted, the colors and composition so similar.

Also, when I view your photos, I feel the urge to whistle and sing out “let me tell you ’bout the birds and bees and the flowers and the trees.”

More importantly, your photos are often super close-up, sometimes uncomfortably close, almost microscopically close, but oddly your presence never feels intrusive. Quite the opposite: It’s as if Mother Nature says to you, “No imposing going on here, so let me just strip my clothes off and pose for you.”

I love these photos Vicki Whicker. You are a true talent. Fierce as fuck!”

Joe Loya, The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell


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