The wave, the honk and the rest of the story….

The wave, the honk and the rest of the story....

Did you see that video…

Where someone smiles at a stranger and that stranger smiles at another stranger and that stranger helps an old man across the street and that old man smiles at a mother and her baby and…it gives you a glimpse at how the world goes round when one person sees another, gives them a kind moment?

Well, this morning I was watching Chevy and Plato in the fresh snow, it was pristine and quiet until the snow plow went thundering by so I waved and the driver honked.

Later, inside the house, the dogs were barking so I looked outside and there was the snowplow parked in the middle of co.hwy. 19…the driver was at my mailbox, apparently he had knocked my mailbox off with the plow, as snow plow drivers famously do, and had come back expressly to fix it.

I can’t help but think it was that little wave in the morning that brought that next scene to life.


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