Zinnia Bud, 2012

Zinnia Bud, 2012

“The earth has music for those who listen.”
― George Santayana

I have been spending every extra moment searching for photos on my recovered hd files, photos for my show on April 6th, I can safely say I have looked at over 6,000 photos in the past month or so, enough that I can’t tell you anymore why I took them, how I took them, why one looks this way and another looks that way, there are so many pictures that I think, aha! this one! until I have a folder of over 500 photos that have to be culled down to 50, all I know is that this picture didn’t make the cut, mainly because there are three other flowers with dew drops clinging to spider webs that trump it and also because I had no idea this existed until I saw it just now…so much beauty in the world, it is crazy making, you know?

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