The Amish Buggy for Taylor Negron

As big city as it gets
As big city as it gets

In LA, if I wanted to go somewhere by car and it was 30 miles away I’d best leave an hour early, if it was rush hour, which is really rush HOURS…buffer that with anywhere from 15 to 30 extra minutes.

Unless, of course, there is an accident which means all bets are off and you best have a good friend to sext for the next 5 hours.

This scene is the closest to pandemonium a driver encounters in CNY.

This is an Amish man running errands, one must presume. I don’t have many great pictures of Amish buggies, the Amish don’t want to be photographed and therefore I catch them on the run from the driver’s seat with my iPhone. Not the safest thing to do but typically there aren’t any other drivers around and I make sure that I follow all the rules of the road while giving them a wide berth.

My job in LA, for a long while, was in Manhattan Beach. I was in Pacific Palisades. A lovely jaunt up the coast. If you have all day to do it. Morning’s were best, the 30 mile trip took 45. Evenings, when you are so ready to be home took up to 2 hours. Fuck the coast!

Out here, 30 miles is 30 minutes, no if ands or buts.


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  1. I wrote this at the request of Taylor Negron, a wonderful writer, comedian, human, and in the eon of Facebook, a FB friend. A man whom I had admired in LA from his days at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, where I got to see him perform his YOU DON”T WANT CARPET YOU WANT AN AHEARUG! skit about an Armenian shop owner, a skit I would perform, ad nauseum for my friends for YEARS. Many years later, I read some of my “poetry” at The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with him on the bill…I read right before him and it was nerve wracking, his writing is touching and intelligent and lyrical, all the things that I feel mine is not…after we read he was wonderful to me even, kindly smizing as I confessed my CARPET! fandom, in him I sensed a truly one of a kind soul, deep as a writer and a man. All these years later, he read my blog post about traffic in CNY vs LA and requested further writing that included a picture and some words about the Amish buggies I’d mentioned. I did and this morning he FB’d me and said, YOU made my day. Wow. He made my day! I love how life has the meandering golden trail like that, lovely moments or recognitions and camaraderie between two people who are essentially strangers but criss cross paths on the longer journey.


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