Would you buy a photo from this woman?

Would you buy a photo from this woman?

When I moved to Dunga Brook last February I had already taken about 20,000 pictures on my iPhone while waiting for her renovations to be finished.

And I had the carpal tunnel to prove it.

Not only had I taken that many iphone photos, I uploaded them and edited them, too.

When I found Instagram, a late comer as always, I not only took iphone photos but uploaded them to iPhoto then edited them in Instagram and then put the back into iPhoto for a few more tweaks…then I found Picmonkey and all hell broke loose, why bother to sleep?

Along the way, I posted the photos to Facebook each day with a few words, usually under the moniker of Dunga Brook Diary. I now have over 20 Facebook albums chronicling my move and acclimation and adoration of central New York.

On Facebook I met am amazing group of artists and photographers, all of whom encouraged me, either through their work or their kind words, usually both.

One of my friends, Colleen Taylor, a beautiful artist of equally beautiful work, encouraged me to put my art on Fine Art America. Another gorgeous creature, Mailie Halme Brocke, encouraged me to blog.

So, this weekend, I have done both. Thank you.

I have a few things on Fine Art America, check it out with the link attached and expect more in the near future!


PS- click the photo to go to my Fine Art Photography


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